Our wonderful and caring staff is dedicated to giving your child a well-rounded and rigorous education that will help prepare them not only for high school, but for college and life after school as well.  Each staff member and teacher strives to provide the best student centered education and environment possible.

Administration & Ministry Staff

Fr. Matthew Robben


Mr. Jeff Rinear

Business Manager

Ms. Marianne Rosemond


Mrs. Erica Steinbeck

School Office Manager & After Care Coordinator


Mrs. Melissa Fahner


Mrs. Julie Kraemer


Mrs. Shannon Louis

1st Grade

Ms. Monika Jorg

3rd Grade Reading, Language Arts & Religion

Mrs. Gina Johnson

3rd Grade Math, Science & Social Studies

Mrs. Sharon Peters

4th Grade Math, Science, and Religion

Ms. Donna Schafer

4th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

Ms. Rebecca Gibbs

5th Grade Science & Religion and 6th Grade Science

Mrs. Natalie Gay

5th Grade Reading & Language Arts and 6th Grade Social Studies

St. A

Ms. Madison Beiting

5th Grade Social Studies and 6th Grade Reading & Language Arts

Mrs. Michelle Baldwin

5th & 6th Grade Math and 6th Grade Religion

Mrs. Meghan Peloquin

7th & 8th Grade Math and 7th Grade Science

Mr. Scott Holiday

7th Grade Reading & Language Arts and 8th Grade Religion

St. A

Mr. Tim Elder

7th & 8th Grade Social Studies and 8th Grade Science

Ms. Katie Berling

7th Grade Religion and 8th Grade Reading & Language Arts

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Amy Domenicone

Teaching Assistant Rm. 16

Mrs. Heather Flick

Teaching Assistant Rm. 16

Mrs. Sarah Parton

Teaching Assistant Rm. 17

Mrs. Rabecca Bill

Teaching Assistant Rm. 19 & 20


Ms. Elizabeth Rolfes

Computer Teacher K-8

Mrs. Michelle Kramer


Mrs. Mary Uehlein

After School Care

Support Services

Mrs. Julie McDermott


Mrs. Karen Morgan

Intervention Specialist, Title I Support

Mrs. Emily Seger

Intervention Specialist

Mrs. Ashley Sturm

Speech Pathologist

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